Sebastian pin (A collaboration with Stuart Sandford)

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GAYPIN' is proud to partner with visual artist, Stuart Sandford, on this limited edition pin-terpretation of his Sebastian series. Limited Edition!

A note from the artist: 
Sebastian is a unique 8 foot stainless steel statue created using state of the art 3D scanning and printing technology, marrying together the ancient and the contemporary in process and concept. Taking its main inspirations from the Greco-Roman depictions of the boy/god Antinous, as well as the myth of Narcissus and todays obsession with the "selfie”, this major work is both an exploration of contemporary representations of the masculine form and a comment on the icon and its place in contemporary culture. The statue and idea also exist in multiple further incarnations, including bronzes and marbles and various shapes and sizes, the latest incarnation being the Yves Klein blue and gold pin you’re currently viewing.

Product deets & such: 

- Hard enamel pin 

- Rubber backing